The White Stairs is published, dudes

Guys. My book is published. You can go online and order it and it will arrive in a package at your home in a few days, where you can hold it and flip through it as you sniff the freshly-inked cream-colored pages. Or, you can go online and order it and it will arrive on your Kindle immediately, and more cheaply. Personally, I try to only read poetry on actual paper I hold in my hands. Beyond the tactile component, I know (as a poet myself) that formatting is a nightmare, and e-books can't always remain true to the form the author intended. 

You can check out the cover and description on my Writing page.

You can purchase it online at Amazon and on my webstore

I'll probably do some light marketing, but really, I'm just looking forward to a tiny break in the madness. Still writing poems, oh yes, but with less ridiculous stress and more good-style stress. Ah, see? I have to get back to wording good. In time.