"Swedes in Lowell" finally available!

My newest book, “Swedes in Lowell,” is finally, finally available.

I could tell you the complete story of how it started and how it took so long, but the short version is that, sadly, writing and creating books is not my primary source of income. Yet. I have hope that it may, in the future, but until then, the bulk of my waking hours is devoted to what’s known as a “day job” (or, “How I Afford Things”).

After nearly a year and a half of focusing on this project, I feel relief more than anything else. Sure, excitement, but mostly relief. Just a few more things to do, links to upload, announcements to make, etc., but then it’ll be really done and I can move on to my next idea.

I must tell you, I may not have anything else commercially available for a while. Next project is family-related and private, but promises to occupy all my time.

Also, if you’re not super into Massachusetts local history, and you don’t care about owning a complete collection of my works, I won’t hold it against you if you don’t buy a copy. While there are a few witty parts, most of it reads like either town meeting minutes or just lists of deaths and marriages. I tried to be true to the original author’s tone, and his purpose was to collect and distribute information rather than weave a story.

That being said, if you do read it, I appreciate it! I’ve tried to do right by you, reader.