Swedes in Lowell

In the late 19th century, Lowell, Massachusetts was one of the most popular American cities for Swedish immigrants hoping to start a new life. “Swedes in Lowell” is the modern translation of Olof Berntson’s 1917 book, “Svenskarne i Lowell, Mass.”, which documents the humble beginnings and robust growth of Lowell’s Swedish population from 1857 to 1917. Berntson lists the minutia of arrivals, marriages, births, and deaths, but also outlines the formation of Swedish religious congregations and community organizations in the city. “Swedes in Lowell” tells the story of this close-knit immigrant community using the broad strokes of historical perspective and the fine detailing of day-to-day living. 

Translation was originally intended just for family, but was made available to the public, with an introduction and extensive index, in December 2016. Available on my webstore



First published collection of poetry. "The White Stairs" is a story of transformation and madness, relationships and solitude. Progressing toward an ultimate becoming  (or unbecoming), it's impossible to know whether this chosen path is ascending or descending. Published June 2015. Available on Amazon and my webstore





First-ever collection of poetry written between 1994 and 2006. Unpublished and unpublishable, "Ignigena" is full of the nonsensical word-doodling of someone only just beginning to understand and write poetry. It isn't pretty. But occasionally I will reveal one of its gems to those who know the password. We laugh, and they buy me cake out of pity. 


The Fish, the Twins, the Ram

Second collection of poetry. "The Fish, the Twins, the Ram" navigates family life, bonds of kinship, and dreams. Estimated date of publication: sometime...soonish. 


The Swan

Hand-made chapbook; limited distribution for Yule 2008. These poems appear in later collections.